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Minors in Park, Recreation and Tourism Studies

Park, Recreation and Tourism Management: (12 hours)

Choose 12 hours (4 courses) from the following:
PRTS 405 Natural Resources and Recreation  (Spring)

PRTS 406 Outdoor leadership & Environmental Education (Fall)
PRTS 461 Tourism and Hospitality Management (Spring)
PRTS 475 Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management (Fall)
PRTS 490 Convention and meeting services (Fall)
RTS 491 Festival and Event Management (Spring)

Therapeutic Recreation: (15 hours)

Required Course:
PRTS 261 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation (Fall)

Choose 12 hours (4 courses) from the following:
PRTS 410 Clinical Aspects of Therapeutic Recreation (Fall)
PRTS 420 Intervention Techniques in Therapeutic recreation (Fall)
PRTS 430 Managing Therapeutic Recreation Services (Spring)
PRTS 450 Disabilities and Aging in Therapeutic Recreation (Spring)
PRTS 460 Managing Therapeutic recreation Services (Spring)