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PK-12 Educational Leadership

Ph.D. in Education

Educational Leadership Concentration

The program leading to the Ph.D. in Education with a concentration in Educational Leadership is designed to prepare educational leaders for a wide variety of professional positions in PK-12 administration and supervision, higher education, and state and national policy making arenas. The goal is to prepare professionals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to provide leadership and to produce meaningful change in educational organizations with the underlying premise of social justice. A minimum of 48 credit hours are necessary to complete the coursework for the doctoral program in addition to a minimum of 12 dissertation credits.

Program of Study

Prerequisite Course
FOUN 722 Introduction to Applied Statistics and Data Analysis (or equivalent)

Research Core (15 credit hours)
ELS 831 Accountability in Educational Leadership
FOUN 812 Advanced Research Design and Analysis
FOUN 813 Advanced Program Evaluation
FOUN 814 Advanced Qualitative Research
FOUN 822 or 823 Applied Linear Models or Analysis of Variance Applied to Research

Educational Leadership and Services Concentration Courses (18 credit hours)
ELS 811 Leadership Theory for Educational Improvement
ELS 815 Leadership for Equity and Inclusive Education
ELS 821 Policy and Politics in Educational Leadership
ELS 835 Organizational Theory and Behavior in Education
ELS 876 Ethics, Integrity, and Social Justice in Education
ELS 878 Leadership for Teaching and Learning

Electives (12 hours - choose 4 classes)*
ELS 864 History and Philosophy of American Public School Reform
ELS 871 Educational Systems, Planning, and Futures
ELS 873 Advanced School Law
ELS 874 Advanced School Finance
ELS 880 Multicultural Curriculum Leadership and Globalization
ELS 883 Contemporary Issues in Education

*With advisor approval, two of these courses may be substituted with courses outside of the educational leadership program to allow students to form cognate areas.

Capstone Course (3 credit hours)
ELS 881 Dissertation Seminar

Dissertation (Minimum of 12 credit hours)
ELS 899 Dissertation