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Welcome to the Old Dominion University Instructional Design and Technology Program!

 The Instructional Design and Technology program at Old Dominion University is restructuring its admission process.  Therefore, we are delaying the formal acceptance of new doctoral students into our program at this time.

The Instructional Design and Technology program at Old Dominion University's Darden College of Education provides graduate students with a foundation in instructional design, cognitive theory, and research. The program offers both Master of Science (MS Ed) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees to students who attend classes either on our main campus in Norfolk, Virginia or via a unique distance learning option available to students who reside elsewhere. Our faculty engages students in a rigorous course of study tailored to meet individual educational and career interests. Research opportunities and course work ensures that all students receive a solid foundation in Instructional Design. Courses are offered in the following areas: 

  • Instructional Design Theory
  • Instructional Design and Instructional Development
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Gaming and Simulation
  • Distance Education
  • Evaluation & Assessment
  • Trends and Issues in Instructional Technology
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research

What is Instructional Technology?

The Association for Educational Communication (AECT) defines instructional technology as, "the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate
technological processes and resources" (Association for Educational Communications and Technology, 2006).

Why get an advanced degree in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)?

If you are in the military:
The field of instructional design and technology plays an important role in the design and presentation of military training. Many prominent instructional designers in the field began their professional careers designing training for
the military during World War II, and in the 1970's, the military began using a systematic approach to the development of training.

If you are in K-12 education:
Instructional Design and Technology skills are crucial for educators involved in a wide range of situations from improving learning in individual classrooms to broad standards based initiatives. The field of ID&T involves not only
the integration of technology in the classroom, but the systematic development of instruction to enable educators to deal with the demands of standards based initiatives.

If you are in higher education:
The principles of instructional design and technology are used in the development of faculty and curriculum design in a variety of delivery modes. Instructional design plays a critical role in the development of online, televised, hybrid (a mix of distance and face-to-face delivery modes), and face-to-face courses. The attainment of a Ph.D. utilizing Old Dominion University's extensive distance learning resources makes for easy access for busy educators already teaching in higher education.

If you are in business and industry:
The field of IDT is rapidly expanding in business and industry and some of the most prominent instructional design efforts took place in business and industry over the last 25 years. Areas in ID&T such as human performance and technology have improved organizational performance.

If you are in healthcare:
The varied and broad field of health care education delivers training in equally varied modes from classroom instruction to video conferencing, all with emphasis on continuing education in this dynamic and exciting field. The use of systematic development of instruction in health care allows healthcare educators to satisfy the General Professional Education of the Physician and College Preparation in Medicine, or the GPEP report.

What is the distance learning option in the I&DT program?

Old Dominion University offers graduate students in the Instructional Design and Technology department a unique distance learning option which blends the immediacy of face-to-face instruction with the flexibility of online education. Students who do not live near Old Dominion University's main campus in Norfolk, Virginia connect asynchronous to our classes using 2-way desktop video conferencing. Students from campus and students from around the world connect via a synchronous two-way audio and video system. Students on campus are in the distance learning studio with cameras and microphones while students at a distance are connected using their own computers, web conferencing software, web cameras, and headset microphones. Everyone engages in interactive and lively discussion with the faculty, the experienced students already involved in instructional design, and the students just beginning their journey in IDT. The facilities of the library are available to distance students including checking out book and finding online articles so research is a breeze as a distance student.

Links to Program News and Information 

  • Prospective Students: Find information about our graduate degree programs and the admission process, including our:
  • MS Ed program: Master of Science in Secondary Education with a concentration in Instructional Design and Technology
  • Ph.D. program: Doctor or Philosophy
  • Admissions 

Contact Us 

For answers to specific questions about the Old Dominion University Instructional Design and Technology program, please contact Dr. Gary Morrison for information about the doctoral program or Dr. Amy Adcock for information about the master's program:

Dr.Gary Morrison

Dr.Amy Adcock